10 songs you need to hear right now: Fairy Bones, Mick Jenkins, Nick Cave, Action Bronson, AlunaGeorge

Fairy Bones, “8 Ball”

These local heroes have followed the promise of “Dramabot” with a raucous new single produced, like their previous effort, by Bob Hoag. The approach is all forward momentum, a throbbing bass and drum groove topped by a soaring guitar lick that reaches out and grabs you by the throat before Chelsey Louise has even made it the mike. And she instantly matches her bandmates’ intensity, setting the scene with “I can meditate all day but I still wanna kill myself / You guys really don’t understand what alone means.” And it only gets better when they hit those sudden stops and starts – like classic rockabilly played by punks – to underscore her vocal on “I got these New Age problems but they don’t exist / You can tell me I’m in trouble but I must insist the 8 Ball f—king lied to you.”

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