BEST LOCAL BAND (2015) – Fairy Bones via Phoenix New Times

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Fairy Bones is a shining example of how talent, hard work, and multi-tasking can carry a band. Fronted by singer/keyboardist Chelsey Louise Richard, the band writes hard-rocking, dramatic, keyboard-driven music, and Richard’s mighty voice wails powerfully on Fairy Bones’ 2015 release Dramabot, produced by musical Renaissance man Bob Hoag. But the band doesn’t just do music well. Fairy Bones released a series of eye-popping videos to build buzz for the album release, and it worked. The video for “Waiting,” which looked like a nightmarish stroll through a satanic cult’s frat house, appeared on most every local blog’s “Best Videos of 2014” list, and the band has a fashionable, unique visual aesthetic that matches its unique style. Fairy Bones has nowhere to go but up.

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