Chelsey on the cover of College Times, despite never going to college

Chelsey Louise is the fierce frontwoman of Phoenix alt-pop outfit Fairy Bones. She and her band mates have shared stages with KONGOS, St. Lucia and Alien Ant Farm and have made a splash in the local scene, bringing their unique soundtrack to venues from Rebel Lounge to Crescent Ballroom. Check out what Louise is bumping when she’s not on stage or on the road.


“Lithium,” Nirvana
“This is one of those songs where you’re convinced it’s written about you. I remember hearing it for the first time only to replay it twenty more times. I couldn’t believe a song so perfect existed.”

“Round Midnight,” Miles Davis
“I like this song performed by anyone, but the Miles Davis version is the one I love the most. It’s so stark and lonely I could cry. This song led me to delve into jazz. I tell people it’s how my brain sounds.”

“Maybe This Time,” Cabaret
“It’s a fantastic song sung by a frivolous girl who sort of thinks very little of herself, but she’s hopeful that this time her love affair will work out. It’s so desperately hopeful, I can’t not love it. A lot of my lyrics are in the same vein, hopeful for the future even though the past has been tiring.”

“Love Shack,” The B-52s
“The first song I have memory of. My mum used to dance around with me to this song growing up. It’s just so fun and instantly puts me in a good mood. I dare you to try and be sad to this song.”

“Everything in Its Right Place,” Radiohead
“If I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I’ll throw this song on. It takes control of your mind. It’s totally surreal, like a fucked up guided meditation.”

“I prefer to listen on Spotify or vinyl because I’m an extreme person who doesn’t like in-betweens. It’s either got to be 100 percent convenient, or vibey — hanging with friends and loving the crackle and the roundness of a vinyl.”

“’Touch Me’ from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Do not recommend if you are at a sketchy bar; drunk men will think you’re singing to them. P.S. I’m not. Where’s Frank?!”

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