Fairy Bones Comes In At #6 Among 50 Best Songs By Phoenix Artists 2016

6. Fairy Bones— “Pink Plastic Cups”

Before Fairy Bones went on hiatus for the summer, “Pink Plastic Cups” was quickly becoming the new highlight in their live set. It was clearly an immediate single and I was glad to see that it was one of two tunes (along with “8 Ball”) that made the cut for their twin single release this year. Somewhere last spring I had declared it my new favorite Fairy Bones tune. and that still stands. Beginning with Matthew Foos’ bass drum, a guitar line from Robert Ciucia and the pulsing bass of Ben Foos, it has a similar sinister quality to the band’s song “Waiting” single, and that’s just the music. This track is so stylistically different that it would have stood out like a sore thumb on last year’s Dramabot. They have reinvented their sound to allow for more genius to seep through it seems and to showcase the stunning vocal talents of Chelsey Louise. Her voice is nearly operatic at times here and shows either massive development or that they are actually writing songs to show off just how talented they are in new and inventive ways. Either way it makes for one of the best singles of the year.

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