“There are a lot of bands in the Valley of the Sun, take a look at all of your Facebook invites, or pick up a copy of the New Times and you instantly see proof of that fact. But once a year you can pick up that same New Times, (albiet a thicker version of it) and read all about the “Best of Phoenix”, and very few categories are left unturned. No doubt you have driven by or walked into an establishment that has a sign of when they were voted “Best of” by the New Times. As bands however we don’t walk around with signs, or hang up a list of accolades whenever we play. As a band you perform and let the music speak for itself. Fairy Bones has done just that, and the music spoke for itself so loudly that they were voted the 2015 Best Local Band by the Phoenix New Times.

It’s a well deserved accolade because FB truly has all of the bases covered when they present themselves. Finely tuned stage show with great musicianship, check. Visually stunning music videos, check. Marketing and social media game on point, you guessed it..check. I know I say this about many bands, and it is really in an effort to get the readers out there just to enjoy local music. But if you haven’t seen a Fairy Bones show, you really need to, just so you can experience it. Chelsey Louise, Robert Ciuca, Ben Foos and Matt Foos have been and continue to work very hard to put the best product they possibly can out there for the masses and to push the boundaries of what is expected while doing so, and it is clearly starting to pay off for them. I have to say, I really enjoyed reading the answers to my normal set of questions, so let’s get to it and learn more about Fairy Bones. ”