Here’s How You Can Help Fairy Bones Chart on Billboard via Phoenix New Times

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In the middle of one of those Arizona weeks where temperatures are threatening to scorch us at a satanic 120 degrees, the Valley band that Paste declared a “four-piece art/glam/rock monster” is seeking a different calefaction: a spot on Billboard’sHeatseekers chart alongside 24 other “new and developing” artists.

Fairy Bones have more than a fighting chance of generating such heat, thanks to their new single “No One Can Suffer Like I Can.”

Available for 99 cents through iTunes, the song’s already passed the halfway mark to registering 500 download sales on Soundscan’s weekly tally. It’s tough-sounding when it needs to be and radio-friendly when it needs to be anthemic, with an almost subliminal ska chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place blasting out of a passing car or getting piped in a Hot Topic inside a mall near you. Unlike all of Kim Jong-un’s missile launches, this one could make it all way through.

A few days before the cutoff day they can be eligible to clock in their indie 500 sales, Fairy Bones’ suffering-in-song lead singer Chelsey Louise posted a video on Facebook thanking the fans who’ve gotten them this far on this campaign. “I feel like crap,” she admits. “I’ve been sick for like ever and stressed out on life.” Her condition has since been downgraded from “suffering” to “anxious.”

“Definitely anxious, mostly excited and grateful,” she elaborates. “However this campaign ends, we have received an emotionally overwhelming amount of support from Phoenix and friends we’ve made around the country from our tours, and that has meant the most.”