New Tunes from decker., Fairy Bones, The Woodworks and More

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Fairy Bones – “No One Can Suffer Like I Can”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Fairy Bones’ previous two singles were their best to date and I haven’t stopped playing them since last October, I may have succumb to “Fairy Bones Withdrawal” by now. Luckily, I haven’t and even more luckily they have topped themselves once again with the brand new single “No One Can Suffer Like I Can.” As Fairy Bones continue to redefine their sound, leaving the keyboards behind, picking up more guitars and creating some of the most exciting tunes in their catalog, it’s becoming a more fascinating journey than ever expected. I mean with this track there songwriting is approaching AWOLNATION territory in concise, powerful lyrics and hook heavy choruses that stay with you for potentially years. The chorus hook with its indie pop meets reggae groove is perhaps the most unexpected twist to the chemistry of this song. It’s a moment where I think “Imagine Dragons fans will really dig the hell out of this,” which is something I never would have imagined about the band even a year ago. The entire brand impresses here on every level, sure Chelsey Louise is right up front with her magnificent vocal, but that’s the way the band likes it. It’s no wonder they are trying to break into the Billboard chart with this one, the entire world should here it. I would recommend that you check it out and pick it up for only a dollar HERE. If you do it today, they will be even closer to breaking into that chart action with what should be a runaway hit.